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Best Dance Company | MJ-5

Best Dance Company in Mumbai India - No single artist in the world - no movement or force – no event or human - has covered what Michael Jackson (MJ) accomplished in the 50 years of his existence. MJ changed the balance in the pop music world and the dance world in a way that nobody has and perhaps, nobody ever will. Like a Golden Star shattering into pieces of shining fragments of Gold around, MJ left behind his brand of music, moves, moonwalk and magic.

One such shimmering piece landed straight in India in the form of Karthik (Surname) who, as if rising from the soul of MJ himself, formed India’s first and one-of-its-kind Best Dance Group, MJ 5.

Hailing from a humble middle-class family in Delhi, a 23-year-old Karthik brought together his love for Michael Jackson and Bollywood dance forms. Even as he woke up every morning and went about his routine of teaching dance at the Big Dance School, Delhi, something within him gnawed to take his dancing skills to the world. Which is when he ideated and conceptualized MJ 5, a dance group that would seamlessly fuse the flair of MJ and the vibrancy of Bollywood.

Best Dance Company in Mumbai India
Best Dance Company in Mumbai India

Karthik brought together a fun mix of his own students from Big Dance and just like that, these 20-somethings moved to Mumbai. The five boys Vishnu (Surname), Himanshu (Surname), Rohit (Surname), Dennis (Surname) and the creator, Karthik himself spent hours and hours rehearsing and perfecting a technique that nobody in India had even conceived in 2013.

Come August 2013, an entire nation of dance lovers and TV viewers watched MJ 5 make their debut in the Star Plus show, India’s Dancing Superstar. Dancing, spinning, animating, locking, popping, sending out passionate, fierce glares at the overcome audience, oozing with swag in their crisp white shirts and ties, MJ 5 did a powerful job of moonwalking and mythologizing their own blend of this new mystery style of dance – the MJ 5 style. There was some MJ, there was some Bollywood thumkas and most of all, there were these five boys gliding through the stage sprinkled with some funny, fresh wit and humor. Nobody in India had seen anything quite like it before. Maybe they never will again.Thats what makes Mj5 the Best Dance Company in Mumbai India

MJ 5 didn't just grab the gold ring: they hooked it to a new bar and set it even higher, and nobody has yet snatched it with quite the same flair or results.

Even as the celebrity judges of India’s Dancing Superstar Geeta, actor Ritesh Deshmukh and ace dancer Ashley Lobo were blown away by the performances of MJ 5, India and the Indian junta voted in massive numbers and more to make MJ 5 India’s Best Dance Company in Mumbai India

“This is it!” – while this phrase holds great importance in the life of the original MJ, for MJ 5 it holds the fact that they had indeed arrived. The Indian audiences had never seen a genre, a style this unique in terms of moves and wit, a beautiful marriage between MJ and Bollywood, a culmination of a certain unique dance animation style that MJ 5 brought about. This celebrity dance group then started to perform at almost all main events for Star Plus. They were and even today, remain the favourite dance group of India, not just among the audiences of a billion people but also the celebrities and other dancers that came along in their journey.

Year 2014 saw MJ 5 tour the world with an average of 15 shows a month encompassing the lengths and breadths of Asia including Hong Kong, (add a few Asian countries and others here). They won the prestigious ‘2014 Most Entertaining Act’ awarded by (name of institution or people who awarded).

Best Dance Company in Mumbai India
best dance company

In 2014, MJ 5 appeared in almost every dance show imaginable on Indian Television - Dance India Dance, Dancing Superstars, Nach Baliye, Jhalak Dikhlaja… (please add/subtract list). They have had the likes of Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Govinda, Farhan Akhtar, moonwalk with them in their own unique style swaying these personalities to fall in love with them and their Best Dance Video.

In spite of the being the No. 1 Dance Group of the country, what’s most appealing about this celebrity dance group is that, these boys keep themselves stuck to their roots, even as they grow in popularity with each passing day. They are known for their professionalism and clean down-to-earth persona, a quality sought-after by many and the mark of great artists around the world.

In 2017, MJ 5 made another appearance on the show, The Dance Champions anchored by celebrity choreographers, Remo and Terrence Lewis. This time, the acts that MJ 5 showcased were a notch up their own, and they had the entire country cheering to them yet again with as much love and passion as they did four years prior with their debut performance.

While the journey for MJ 5 has only been soaring from one milestone to another over the years, it hasn’t been an overnight miracle of sorts. The kind of dance moves and animated formations that the celebrity dance group makes in any given performance is not deemed easy by dancing experts and artists world over. They sure appear easy due to the seamless and smooth performance of the five dancers, but the style has had them practice long hours, make humungous sacrifices in personal and social lives, dedicating a lifetime to the art.

And still, as they say, the thirst for growing never declines. MJ 5 have only come a short distance before they embark upon bigger, more ambitious journeys for themselves. Karthik, the founder of India’s favourite dancing group aims at performing at some of the biggest world stages. The celebrity dance group / Mj5 The Best Dance Company in Mumbai India also aspires to start their own dancing academy in the coming years, teach the needy for free and bring about a spectacular dancing revolution in India. Here’s to that and moonwalk!

Best Dance Company in Mumbai India